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If your Longmont property does use a septic system, you are well aware of how important it is that your septic system keeps operating properly. Making sure your leach field is well maintained and working properly is a huge part of your septic system. Our team of professionals at Septic Surgeon are capable of handling all of your leach field installation, maintenance and service needs to make sure your Longmont septic system continues to work properly.

Longmont's Complete Leach Field Service

Your leach field is where your wastewater drains to after it leaves your septic tank. Your leach field is composed of a number of pipes that distributes the wastewater evenly beneath the soil. The wastewater then drains down through the soil bacteria that breaks down the wastewater and reintegrates it into the groundwater system. As you can imagine, if your leach field isn't working properly, that means that the wastewater from your Longmont property isn't going where it's supposed to. That is not only unsanitary, but unhealthy as well. Septic Surgeon's team is assembled of septic system experts more than capable of handling any issues you may have with your leach field.

Longmont Leach Field installation

A quality leach field starts with from the moment it is installed. The placement of your leach field is very important. Your leach field should be at least 30 meters away from any drinking water supply and in an area not only big enough to house it, but an area that also receives very little foot traffic. If your leach field is placed in an area that receives heavy foot traffic the pipes can be crushed, and your leach field may become clogged. Our team can help you plan out the best place to install a leach field on your Longmont property.

Quality Leach Field Maintenance in Longmont

One of the benefits of having a leach field on your Longmont property is the small amount of maintenance that comes with it. There should be no plants on the surface of your leach field. Septic Surgeon can handle all of the maintenance necessary to keep your leach field up and running.

If your Longmont property could benefit from the quality leach field services the professionals at Septic Surgeon offer, please give us a call or fill out a form for a free estimate. We want to make sure your Longmont septic system continues to operate properly.

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